Star Trek News For The Month Of May

Logan To Scribe Introduction Of The Romulans For Enterprise?

1 May 2002

Rick Berman talks about his hopes to get John Logan to scribe an episode of Enterprise.

Doohan Back In Hospital

2 May 2002

Jimmy Doohan falls ill again.

Trekkers: True Stories By Fans For Fans Finaly Published

2 May 2002

Long awaited book by Star Trek fans for Star Trek fans now out.

Ron Moore Explains Reasons Behind The BSG Remake

3 May 2002

Ron Moore talks to SFX about BSG 'Remake'

TV Guide To Release Special Tribute Magazine

3 May 2002

TV Guide releasing special 35th anniversary magazine.

"Or..The Worm Has Turned

3 May 2002

Pat Morris reviews the Enterprise episode 'Vox Sola'

Brannon Braga Talks About The Evolution Of Captain Archer

3 May 2002

Braga talks to Cinescape about the problems of imagining a new Starship captain

Fan Speak
Just a Thought...CATSUIT CATFIGHT?

3 May 2002

Pat Morris takes an amusing look at Catsuits and how unvulcan T'Pol can be.

Berman Talks Mixed Cast For Movies

5 May 2002

Berman talks about the problems for mixed casting in Star Treks future movies.

Montgomery, Keating and Billingsley Review Their First Season Aboard The NX - 01

5 May 2002

Enterprise actors talk about their favorate moments in the first season of Enterprise.

Robert Duncan McNeill Talks Of His Recent Job's As A Director

7 May 2002

Robbie McNeill talks about the differences between directing Star Trek and more contemporary shows.

Reports Of Doohans ill Health Exaggerated

7 May 2002

Doohans agent Steve stevens puts the record straight in regards to the actors ill health.

Sirtis Talks On Nemesis

8 May 2002

Sirtis talks about her dislike of spoilers

Billingsley Would Like More Development For Phlox

9 May 2002

Billingsley talks about where he would like to see Dr Phlox go in regards to character

Conner Trinneer Tells The Tale Of The Day Tripping Vulcan

13 May 2002

Trinneer talks about two Star Trek first, and actor who walks out during shooting fusion and his own brief experiances as a pregnant Trip.

William Shatner Talks On Directing Star Trek V And The Lessons He Learned

15 May 2002

William Shatner talks about his directing on Star Trek V and what he learned.

Ron Moore Talks Exclusively To Sci Fi Pulse About The Proposed 'Re - Imagining' Of Battlestar Galactica

16 May 2002

Writer Ron Moore shared some of his insights about his re imagining of Battlestar Galactica.

Shiban Preps For Trek

19 May 2002

John Shiban talks about his studys.

Berman & Braga Talk On Guiding Enterprise

21 May 2002

Berman & Braga talk about their ongoing mission to seek out new storys.

Bakula Shares Some 'Shockwave' Spoilers

22 May 2002

Bakula reveals a few details on tonights episode while talking to Tv Guide

Echevarria Negotiates For 'Meds'

23 May 2002

Echevarria negotiating for a new contract.

Paramount Releases 'Nemesis' Wallpapers

23 May 2002

Paramount shows off it's warez.

Notes By Pat Morris For Her Review Of Trekkers

24 May 2002

It is strongly recomended that you read pats notes before reading her review.

Review Of TREKKERS: True Stories By Fans For Fans

24 May 2002

Sci Fi Pulse welcomed back the talents of Pat Morris who has kindly reviewed the new Book Trekkers

Siddig Recalls His Directing Experiance On DS9

26 May 2002

Alexander Siddig talks about his time directing DS9

Dominic Keating Talks About How He Would Like To See Lt Reed Develop

27 May 2002

Keating talks about how he would like to see Reed develop and become more a part of the Enterprise team.

Stewart Says Nemesis Not To Be The Final Trek

28 May 2002

Stewart optimistic that Nemesis will not be his last Trek movie

Tayler Looks Back At Deep Space Nine

28 May 2002

Michael Tayler talks about his first foray into the Star Trek universe

Vaughn Armstrong Talks About The Many Hats Of Admiral Forrest

29 May 2002

Vaughn Armstrong talks about his first TNG audition and looks at the many hats he has to wear as Admiral Forrest in Enterprise.

Gary Graham Talks About His Trek Connection

29 May 2002

Actor Gary Graham talks about his earlier auditions for Trek as well as some thoughts on his character Soval

Robert Beltran Still Unimpressed With Voyager.

30 May 2002

Actor tells an audience at pages bar his thoughts on Voyager.

Keith R.A. DeCandido Talks About His Writing As Well As His Love Of The Sci Fi Genre.

30 May 2002

DeCandido shares some of his insights about genre books in an exclusive E Mail interview with us.

Sci Fi Babes Invade The UK's FHM Magazine’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World List For 2002

31 May 2002

The ladys of Sci Fi duke it out with a tennis star.