To Feature A New Online Game

Source Scifipulse

16 March 2002

Story By Ian Cullen In collaboration with

As many fans know the official website of Majel Roddenbery and Lincoln Enterprise's has been undergoing some major changes over the last few months. The site is now very much alive and kicking and those that are already members and receive the Roddenbery News letter will already know that the game is afoot in more ways than one.

In the last mail out off of the site, fans received news of a pending game which will be launching this summer. SciFi Pulse wrote and asked for a little more information on the game. Just today I received the following from Eugene W. Roddenberry son of Majel Roddenberry and the late Gene Roddenberry EWR explains a little about the game in the statement below.

"Star Trek Online is a 3D action game for web browsers that allows visitors to to play as a Klingon, federation or Romulan ship. It will be released in early summer, with a beta beginning in late spring. The game is played from a 3rd person point of view and players are able to use phasers, torpedoes, shields, warp drive and cloaking devices. Future versions will add more ships from different time periods and give players the ability to play against each other over the internet."

"The game was created in Groove 2, the new online 3D game engine from the Groove Alliance. The 3D Groove engine has been downloaded 40 million times and has been used to power the most successful games on the Internet for MSN,, Nickelodeon, Intel and Cartoon Network. It allows Windows and Macintosh systems, even those without advanced hardware cards, to render playstation quality graphics at over 60 fps on standard browsers."

"The models were created at cinematic quality in Lightwave specifically for the 3D groove engine."