Star Trek And Enterprise News For June 2002

Scott Bakula Comments On Time Travel Rumour And Conner Trinneer Tells Of His Prop Breaking Exploits

1 June 2002

Scott Bakula comments on characters from TNG traveling back to Enterprise and Trinneer talks on his love of action

My Hailing Frequencies Are Now Open

3 June 2002

My report on Nichelle Nichols Book Signing which took place on the 2 of June 2002

Robinson On Why He Couldn't Leave Garak Behind

3 June 2002

Former DS9 Actor waxes nastalgic on how his character Garak got under his skin.

Ron Perlman Talks About The Challenge's That His Costume And Make - Up

6 June 2002

Perlman talks on his Nemesis facelift and the way it helped him portray the Reman Viceroy.

Exclusive Interview With Kristine M. Smith A Close Friend Of Deforest Kelley and Carolyn For 3 Decades And Writer Of The Book 'DeForest Kelley: A Harvest Of Memories'.

12 June 2002

The Sci Fi Pulse Fab Four Interview Writer and close friend to De Kelley and His Wife Kristine M. Smith.

Berman Say's Star Trek X Look's Good

15 June 2002

Rick Berman talks with much excitement about Nemesis. Plus Berman and Braga say the Emmys are unfair to Science Fiction Television.

Linda Park Gives Some Insight Into Her Friendship With Jolene Blailock

16 June 2002

Linda Park Chats about freindship on the set and her feelings about the fans.

Beimler: Ferengi Episodes Not Very Funny

16 June 2002

Hans Beimler mentions why he thinks some of the Ferengie comic episodes did not work.

Sirtis Talks About How Different It Was To Work With Stuart Baird

17 June 2002

Marina Sirtis says being directed by Stuart Baird was 'Different'

Berman Looks To The Future On 'Enterprise', And Talks A Little More Nemesis

17 June 2002

Berman waxes with glee about Nemesis and dishes up some info on 'Enterprise's second season.

Dawson To Helm More Enterprise

19 June 2002

Dawson set to direct more episodes of the UPN hit Star Trek series 'Enterprise'.

'Nemesis' Trailer To Debut In Tulsa

19 June 2002

Fans at Tulsa will be able to see 'Nemesis' movie promo first.

Mulgrew Drafts Voyagers Crew In To Support Her Husbunds Political Campaign

19 June 2002

Mulgrews fellow Voyager cast members show thier support for Tim Hagan.

A Piece Of Trek History Up For Auction

20 June 2002

Original series Captains Chair up for auction

Nemesis Rough Cut Review Online

21 June 2002

AICN review a rough cut of the pending Star Trek feature 'Nemesis'

Slanted Fedora In Trouble

25 June 2002

Slanted Fedora Entertainment group face legal hassles.

DeBoer Loved Working On DS9

26 June 2002

Actress waxes nostalgic on DS9

Berman Says There Will Be More Trek Movies

26 June 2002

Berman predicts treks movie future.

Nemesis Trailor To Get It's US Television Debut Tonight

26 June 2002

Nemesis promo to get TV premier tonight on ET.

Perlman Has High Praise For Tom Hardy

26 June 2002

Perlman excited by Nemesis and praises Ton Hardy the principal villain

Fedora Organizers Respond

26 June 2002

Fedora organizer David Scott said that the court's order of prohibiting the sale of merchandise or services in Kansas because of reported violations of the state's consumer protection laws was "resolved in our favor"

Sneak Peak At The Premier Episode Of Enterprise

27 June 2002

The first spoilers for Enterprise Season Two released today.

Channel 4 Announce The UK Network Premier Date For Season One Of Enterprise

28 June 2002

Channel Four Announce Start Date For Enterprise.

Michael Piller Talks About The Art Of Screenwriting

28 June 2002

DS9 & 'Voyager' co-creator on breaking into the busines.

Stewart Almost Turned Down Nemesis Role

30 June 2002

Stewart reveals how he almost walked away from contract negotiations for Nemesis.