August's Star Trek News

Behr Talks 'Twilight Zone'

1 August 2002

Ira Behr touches on DS9 and talks about his new job in 'The Twilight Zone

Production On 'Mine Field' Wraps

2 August 2002

Production on third episode of the second season in the can.

Wolfe Working On 'Dead Zone' Episode

2 August 2002

Wolfe reunited with former Star Trek Scribes on Michael Pillers Dead Zone

Montalban Remember's Khan

2 August 2002

Montalban Recounts his memories of portraying Khan, and Director Nick Meyer talks a little about changes for the DVD edition of Trek II.

Dominic Keating on the discomfort of the Suliban Make-up and Hi-jinks on the Set

4 August 2002

Dominic Keating talks practical jokes and make - headaches to Star Trek: Monthy

Signed Nemesis Poster Up For Grabs

5 August 2002

A Sci Fi Pulse reader is auctioning an official signed nemesis movie poster on Ebay.

'Nemesis' & 'Enterprise' Hot Topics At Vegas Con

5 August 2002

Marina Sirtis talks about Nemesis in jokes and Brannon Braga addresses continuety on Enterprise and hints on the temporal cold war storyline

David R. George III: Talks Mission Gamma

5 August 2002

Writer David R. George recently talked to Trekweb about the Pocket books DS9 relaunch series

UK NCC 2002 Convention Canceled

6 August 2002

The UK NCC Convention foiled by legal stuff.

Deep Space Nine's Bar Fly Breaks The Sound Barrier

6 August 2002

Morn's Vocal cords are unchained in front of German Fanclub crowd

Meyer Happy To Recall Khan, But Asks That Viewers Seek Their Own Answers.

9 August 2002

Meyer Prefers To Leave His Interpretations Of Trek II out of DVD commentary.

Klingons To Return As Pirates

10 August 2002

The Klingons take a leaf out of the Ferengi book of piracy in a new episode for Enterprise's Sophomore season.

New Information On Enterprise's First Two Episodes.

13 August 2002

UK Sci Fi Mag releases new info on Carbon Creek and Shockwave

Gay Charactor To Beam In Says Mulgrew?

13 August 2002

Mulgrew talks about her attempts to lobby Rick Berman for a Gay Character On Voyager

Wheaton On A Mission To Crush Cancer

13 August 2002

Wheaton setting out on a 'Trek' to raise money for Cancer research.

Roddenberry Talks About Beaming Into The Future

14 August 2002

Rod Roddenberrys talks on the problems of selling Treknation and gives a little insight about his late Fathers legacy.

Wheaton Has Been Beamed Out Of Nemesis

15 August 2002

Wheatons scenes cut from Nemesis:(

Shatner Beams Into The Final Frontier One Last Time.

19 August 2002

Shatner brings the spirit of Kirk back for charity paintball event.

More Of Shran To Come On Enterprise?

19 August 2002

So could there be some more Andorian episodes lined up for Shan on Enterprise?

Billingsley Talks Minefield And Out Of Time

20 August 2002

In a new interview which was done Exclusively for Trekweb, Steve Krutzler caught up with actor John Billingsley and learned of some new intellegance pertaining to the 2nd Season of Enterprise.

The Terrifying Siddig

20 August 2002

Siddig talks about Night Witches and his reign of Terror in Hollywood.

Stewert On Some Of The Problems Which Accured On Nemesis

22 August 2002

Stewart On some nemesis troubles.

Combs Hops Back Into The Horror Genre

22 August 2002

JeffJeffrey Combs to reprise his role in Re-Animator?

'Dead Stop' Wraps Filming.

22 August 2002

Production Wraps On 'Dead Stop'

Montgomery Steps Into Minefield

24 August 2002

Travis Mayweather to fly a lot in 'Minefield'.

Jonathan Frakes Talks Star Trek-Nemesis

27 August 2002

Frakes Talks about his wedding and his preditions for how well the movie will do.

Trek Stars Invade The Political Neutral Zone

27 August 2002

Star Trek Stars beam down to earth to aid Tim Hagan

Dean Wesley Smith Talks Exclusively To Sci Fi Pulse About His Trek Writings

29 August 2002

Dean Wesley Smith talks to us about his trek writings. And gives us some ideas as to the inner workings of his creative input and contribution to the Star Trek Universe.

Berman Confident About Nemesis

31 August 2002

Berman Predicts Nemesis To Be A Success

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