Farscape Game To Ship
Source Sci Fi Wire
31 July 2002

By Ian M. Cullen

Simon & Schuster Interactive is set to release its Farscape: The Game to retailers on Aug. 13.

The much anticipated Farscape game will feature the voices of its cast members and will take the form of a third person perspective shooter with puzzle elements to boot. In the game you can assume the role of four of Farscapes principal cast members, each character will have different skills suited to different jobs. This will allow the player to switch from one to the other during the course of the game. So like in the series, you as the end user will be able to utilize team work in order to repair Moya or do any number of things that will mirror the best elements of the hit Sci Fi Show.

All the game needs now is a pie throwing contest, where to aim is to hit Rygel as many times as possible.