Farscape Fans Help Charity
Source Sci Fi Wire
21 June 2002

By Ian M. Cullen

Fans of the Australian Sci Fi Show Farscape have organized to raise some money for National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. The fan run event works as follows: each time they watch an episode of Farscape in which Crichton avoids getting physically hurt, they will have to make a donation.

This event is organized by the Society Against Cruelty to Crichton (SACC). SACC was created as a joke to support the injury-prone John Crichton (played by Ben Browder), an Earth astronaut who has been accidentally shot through a wormhole into the far side of the galaxy, where he finds himself entangled with criminals, soldiers and other unsavory characters.

To read more about (SACC) and this charity fund raising event click here for the (SACC) website.