The Trek Archive For March 2002

'Nemesis' To Go Head To Head With 'LOTR' At Box Office

1 March 2002

Nemesis release pushed back a month

Patrick Stewart's Western King Lear comes to TNT

4 March 2002

Patrick Stewarts Modern retelling of King Lear coming soon to TNT

Berman Talks Nemesis & Cameo Appearances

6 March 2002

Berman Talks Guest list

Lawrence Monoson on his “Enterprise” Guest appearance in ‘Fortunate Son.

6 March 2002

Monoson talks about Levar Burton and the 'Star Trek' acting style

Kellie Waymire on her reccurring role in “Enterprise.

6 March 2002

Waymire talks about working closely with Phlox

Brits Love DS9 Above All Trek

8 March 2002

Tv Poll reveals the true british taste in star trek.

Nichelle Nichol's About The Kiss That Almost Wasn't

13 March 2002

Nichol's shares some trek memmorys

Jeffrey Combs Talks about Shran.

13 March 2002

The Actor behind some of treks greatest villians shares some insights on Enterprise.

'Enterprise' Picks Up Saturn Award Nominations

15 March 2002

Enterprise looks set to win more plaudits To Feature A New Online Game

16 March 2002

Eugene W. Roddenberry Explains about a new game for play at

Goldsmith Confirmed For Nemesis Score

18 March 2002

Goldsmith returns to Trek

Dominic Keating with some Random Thoughts on Enterprise.

18 March 2002

Keating speaks out about his thoughts on Enterprise.

Robin Curtis talks about the positives of her ‘Star Trek’ association.

18 March 2002

Actress talks about how Star Trek changed her life.

Former Star Trek Executive Producer Talks 'Dead Zone'

20 March 2002

Executive producer Piller excited about Deadzone

Dorn To Direct Enterprise

20 March 2002

Michael Dorn next in line to direct Enterprise.

Official Nemesis Logo Released

24 March 2002

Paramount release new trek movie logo

Frakes Enters New Zone

24 March 2002

Frakes enters the twighlight zone.

Trek Authers At Trek Book Signing extraveganza In Portland

24 March 2002

Star Trek writers invade portland

I Am Not Brunt

25 March 2002

Jeff Combs tells Trektoday how he had to change his portrayal of a Ferengi for Enterprise.

Sev Trek Teases Audience

27 March 2002

Sev Trek Movie Trailor Available plus a rare oppertunity for Sev Treks Fans

Joan Collins Attends First Convention

27 March 2002

William Shatner comments on pasadena con

Enterprise's First Season To End With Cliffhanger.

27 March 2002

Brannon Braga reveals some minor details on Enterprise's First season Cliffhanger

Shiban Joins The Enterprise Writing Team

27 March 2002

Some changes made in writers for Season Two

Sci Fi Pulse introduces new writer

28 March 2002

We have a new writer onboard who has kindly reveiwed 'Acquisition'

Bakula Answers Fans Questions

30 March 2002

Bakula talks yet more Enterprise

Shatner Talks About Making New Trek Documentary

30 March 2002

William Shatner not complacent with Mind Meld batters up for a new trek Documentury

Logan, Sirtis And Stewert Talk Trek X

30 March 2002

Logan comments on new trek movie plus news on Waymires next appearance on Enterprise