Ron Perlman Talks About The Challenge's That His Costume And Make - Up
Source Sci Fi Pulse
5 June 2002

By Ian M Cullen

In a new interview conducted by Ian Spelling for Star Trek: Monthly actor Ron Perlman told of some of the problems he faced with the make up and costume for his role in Star Trek Nemesis. Referring to his latex face and headpiece the actor said. "It doesn't seem to let much oxygen in a pinch, so am breathing out of my mouth and nose and not much else. I can't take it off until the end of the day. It takes a couple of hours to put on and the days have been anywhere between 12 and 17 hours, no less than 12 and probably close to 15 on average."

In regards to the physical demands of his costume the actor commented about the difficulties he had and said. "I have almost no mobillity in it," He adds. "Almost everything I do I'm fighting the costume. This is a very unique excersize in pacing yourself, and I come up short every day. Every night I go home just whipped, really whipped."

Perlman is no stranger to Genre movies having played a number of roles in Sci FI and Horror projects such as Cronos, The Island Of Dr Moreau, and Captain Zoom In Out Of Space, (In which he acted alongside Star Trek: Original series cast member Nichelle Nichols). The actor is no stranger to wearing latex based guises either having portrayed the role of Vincent in the 80s show 'Beauty and the beast' along side Terminator actress Linda Hamilton. As the actor explains the make up can make the world of difference to portraying alien characters.

"There's no way you can create a character like this until you're actually in the get - up and look at yourself in the mirror," he explains. "That basically is ths first clue as to what he walks like, talks like and what his mindset is, and that dictates everything else. So you so some generalised homework about the guys cercamstances, but you really have to wait until everybody puts on you what it is they're putting on you to create what is not human, but an abstraction."

The actor also had a lot of praise for the acting of Tom Hardy (Shinzon) who is the main villain of the movie. "I've got a lot of faith in the kind of career he's going to have," he says. "He takes a tremendous approach to the work. He's a very serious actor without taking himself too seriously. Thats a great combination."

So should the Viceroy survive Nemesis to fight another day would the actor reprise the role for another feature. "Well, the cool thing about it is, I could be in the next Star Trek movie and nobody would know it's me." Perlman says referring to the nature of roles that require heavy make over. The actor concludes, "But, no, I would rather do this one this one time. I've played a lot of characters that I could play for a lifetime. This is one I would prefer to do as a one - shot."

You can read more of this interview with Ron Perlman in the new issue of Star Trek: Monthly where he goes on to talk about his friendship with Jonathan Frakes as well as more insights about the movie.