Perlman Has High Praise For Tom Hardy
26 June 2002

By Ian Cullen

Ron Perlman who portrays the Reman Viceroy in Star Trek X: Nemesis. Has nothing but praise for the principal guest Star Tom Hardy who portrays Picards nemesis Shinzon on the movie "He's a very young guy, at the total beginning of his career," Perlman said, "and he just handles himself like he's been doing this for 30 years."

Perlman was really excited to be a part of the movie, and was overjoyed to be portraying a bad guy. "That was kind of cool, (making) that picture on the Paramount lot, with all the bells and whistles for it, and to now say in my own little way, I've contributed to the arc. I hope it turns out great, it was a wonderful script, that much I do know. And some great talent involved in it as well."

In fact the actor seems to be very happy to be a part of the Star Trek franchise. "Whenever one finishes a film, one just hopes for the best because there's so many ways a film can go right, and so many ways a film can go wrong," Perlman recently told "And the minute you walk off the set, you have no control over any of that stuff. But I can say for sure that when you walk onto the set to do a Star Trek movie, it's such a venerable iconic part of the American cultural quit, that you really feel kind of blessed that you got asked to the dance."

Star Trek X: Nemesis is set to be released in the US on December 13 2002. No UK release date has been confirmed at this point.