Slanted Fedora In Trouble

Source Sy Fy Portal & Sci Fi Pulse

25 June 2002

By Ian M. Cullen

Just months after Patrick Stewart railed against organizers of the Slanted Fedora convention company, it appears that the company is facing some new trouble: this time in the state of Kansas.

In the last month , District Court Judge William O. Isenhour Jr. of Johnson County rendered a default judgment against Slanted Fedora head David Scott and his company for apparently not responding to a suit filed Feb. 11 that was issued for violations of the Kansas Consumer Protection Act.

This judgment means that Scott and 'The Slanted Fedora Entertainment Group' are prohibited from the sale or advertisement of "any merchandise or services within the state of Kansas ... until (he) satisfies the court that he has obeyed the subpoena."

The order only identifies Kansas statute 50-623, which promotes the protection of consumers from suppliers who commit deceptive and unconscionable practices, protects consumers from unbargained for warranty disclaimers, and provides consumers with a three-day cancellation period for door-to-door sales. It is not clear however what exactly it is that the attorney general's office is filing its complaint about. Details have been requested from Slanted Fedora repeatedly by both Mike Hinman and myself over the last few hours.

This court order could well create some real problems for Slanted Fedora, who are based in Shawnee, Kansas. However the next Slanted Fedora Convention to be held in Kansas will not be until April 2003 in Kansas City, according to the convention's official Web site.

At present there is no word if Slanted Fedora has since complied with the subpoena, or the current status of the legal action being taken against the company.

Patrick Stewarts complaints against the company were first reported on Trekweb and SyFyPortal back in January of this year. The actor was scheduled to appear at a Slanted Fedora Con back then, but did not appear due to a gross lack of communication on the part of Slanted Fedora.

"It is my custom to keep my affairs as private as possible, but so much disquieting information has been reaching me about my recent non-appearance at the Slanted Fedora Convention ... that I feel it important to put the record straight so far as the facts are concerned," Stewart said in a letter to fans at the time the story originally broke. "Sometime in 2001, I was approached by David Scott to appear at the above-mentioned convention. I gave only my provisional acceptance, subject to my availability.

"Time passed and with so much going on in 2001, I forgot about my provisional commitment, but when I made it I assumed that as with every other such engagement, the organizers would reconfirm my commitment nearer the time. This never happened."

When Stewart had informed Scott that he could not attend the convention a month before, Scott apparently claimed that he had a signed contract for Stewart to appear and to sign autographs -- the latter which he hadn't done in 10 years.

Stewart stated he still wanted to make sure that fans who were attending the convention would not feel too upset over his inability to attend, so on Dec. 10, he signed a contract with Slanted Fedora to send 1,200 autographed photos to be given to convention attendees that could be given as part of the convention ticket package. The photographs, he said, came late (by Jan. 4) because he refused to sign the photos until he received payment.

"I should have insisted that I waited until the check was cleared because when my bank submitted it, it bounced," Stewart said. "As of the 23rd of January, I have still not been paid for the photographs."

In a related story, Actor and Singer James Darren (Vic Fontaine from DS9) was unable to attend the Slanted Fedora convention in Chicago this weekend. Darren released a statement on his official website saying that that reports by Slanted Fedora that the actor canceled his appearances at Fedora conventions in Boston and Chicago earlier this month were untrue.

Darren "was looking forward to being at both conventions," according to the statement. "Mr. Darren's appearances were in fact canceled by Dave Scott of Slanted Fedora Entertainment."

A source said that they were not sure if Darren is remaining on the schedule for the Slanted Fedora convention in Las Vegas coming up later this year. An official posting on an America Online message board folder dedicated to Slanted Fedora did not list Darren among its guests for the Las Vegas convention.

Sci Fi Pulse would like to thank Pam and also thank Mike Hinman of Sy Fy Portal for his help in putting the pieces together.