Star Trek News For July

Patrick Stewart talks about how it feels to be a Pop Culture Icon.

1 July 2002

Stewart talks about his discomfert of being an American Pop Culture Icon.

Season 4 TNG DVD Extras Revealed

1 July 2002

So what do we have to look foreword to for the season 4 Box set. Click the link above to find out.

Enterprise Resumes Shooting For Season Two

2 July 2002

Paramount Announce plans for season two.

Billingsley Runs 'Out Of Time'

4 July 2002

Billingsley to feature in new movie called 'Out Of Time'

Star Trek Communicater Magazine To Preview Shockwave Part 2

4 July 2002

Communicater Magazine takes a look at modern trek.

William Shatner To Recieve A Lifetime Achievement

5 July 2002

Shatner wins life time achievment award.

Trek Cast Welcomed Logan

8 July 2002

Logan says he felt welcomed by Treks cast.

Future Guy To Be Unmasked?

8 July 2002

Will future guy be exposed this season? Brannon Braga reveals all.

'Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan' To Recieve Anniversary Screening

8 July 2002

Wrath Of Khan to get special 20th anniversary screening.

Stewart Says Star Trek Was A Blessing & A Curse

10 July 2002

Patrick Stewart evaluates both the positive and negative aspects of his involvement with 'Star Trek'

Quantum Leap To Return?

10 July 2002

Will Bakula return as Sam?

Ethan Phillips Talks about his Journeys End and his brief trip to the 22nd Century

10 July 2002

Phillips talks about his make - ordeal on Enterprise

'Nemesis' Touted In Paramount Tribute

10 July 2002

Star Trek: Nemesis a part of the paramount 90th anniversary celebrations.

Friedman Talks 'Stargazer' Book Series

10 July 2002

Star Trek Novelist Jan Michael Friedman talks about creating the Stargazer novels.

Will Scott Bakula Leap Again?

11 July 2002

Will Bakula be a part of the new Sci Fi production of Quantum Leap.

Chase Masterson To Headline 'Inhuman'

13 July 2002

Chase Masterson to headline new movie produce by Creative Light Entertainment. The same company that brought us Mind Meld.

Keating Keeping Quiet About The Second Season

13 July 2002

Keating hints at the future of Reed and Hoshi

Montalban & Bennett Recall 'Wrath Of Khan'

13 July 2002

Ricardo Montalban and Harve Bennett take a trip down memorie lane.

Sternbach Talks 'Nemesis' Logo

13 July 2002

Sternbach talks about the new Romulan logo and gives his veiw point on the NX-01

Walter Koenig Talks About A New Project During Online Chat

14 July 2002

Walter Koenig talks about his new project and gives his view on Enterprise.

Justman Talks About Trek

14 July 2002

Bob Justman shares some insights about his time on Trek.

Romulans On Enterprise Would Not Surprise Trinneer

14 July 2002

Trinneer hints at what is to come on Enterprise.

Bakula Talks On Enterprise And The Evolution Of Archer

16 July 2002

Bakula explains his feelings on Enterprise in the new interview in SFX magazine

Brage Hints More Enterprise Spoilers

16 July 2002

Braga reveals more hints of things to come in the 2nd season of Enterprise.

New Star Trek Documentury In The Works

16 July 2002 to work with production comany on a new Trektastic documentory.

Frakes Says Nemesis Is Much Different Than Insurrection

16 July 2002

Frakes talks about the differences between 'Nemesis' and 'Insurrection'

Continuity Is Important, Says Enterprise Writer

17 July 2002

Staff Writer explains the importance of continuety on Enterprise.

Trek's Longevity Celebrated In Variety

19 July 2002

Hollywood trade magazine celebrates Star Trek.

Frakes To Direct Thunderbirds

19 July 2002

5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Thunderbirds are go. But with Star Treks Jonathon Frakes helming.

Park Likes Enterprise Surprises

19 July 2002

Park says she is happy to see what the writers come up with for Hoshi

Logan On What Makes a Great Trek Film

20 July 2002

Trek X Scribe gives his views on what makes a good Star Trek movie.

Montgomery On How He Would Like To See Travis Grow

21 July 2002

Montgomery would like his martial arts skill to be a part of his character.

Keating Talks 'Mine Field' Alien Encounter

22 July 2002

There be unknown aliens mining our ship Captain.

John Shiban: The Trek is Out There

23 July 2002

John Shiban talks about his new role as CO-executive producer for ‘Enterprise’

Berman Excited About Season Two And Nemesis

23 July 2002

Berman reveals how he found Tom Hardy and give one major spoiler to do with season 2 of Enterprise

Stewart Praises Nemesis, X Men 2 And Enterprise

23 July 2002

Stewart looking ahead to Nemesis release and X2

John Billingsely Talks Phlox & Archer Comedy Episode

27 July 2002

Billingsley would like his real life wife to play one of Phlox's wive's

Two Enterprise Episodes Wrap Production

27 July 2002

Two Episodes of Enterprise now completed and one more underway.

Dominic Keating On His Ups And Downs In The Acting World Prior To Enterprise

28 July 2002

Keating tells of how he almost quit acting prior to his role on Enterprise.

Frakes Positive About Nemesis

29 July 2002

Actor happy with how Nemesis has turned out.

From Trek Science to Trek Fiction

29 July 2002

Andre Bormanis talks about his journey.

Grodénchik, Eisenberg And Masterson On Life After DS9

31 July 2002

Former DS9 cast members celebrate their Star Trek connection in online chat.