Februarys News For 2002

Highlights Of The William Shatner MSN Chat

27 February 2002

extracts from the MSN William and Lisabeth Shatner chat

Romulans To Be In Enterprise?

27 February 2002

Berman Enthuses on Enterprise and Trek X

Braga talks Enterprise’s future

26 February 2002

Brannon Braga talks about his hopes for Enterprises future

Trek X Scribe Talks To SFX Magazine

26 February 2002

Trek X Scribe talks Nemesis

'Saturna's Quest' Now Available

24 February 2002

Nichelle Nichols new book now available to buy

Calling All Trekkie: Artist Needs your Help

24 February 2002

Artist susan davis would like to exhibit your picture in her art exhibition.

Frakes Happy About The Break Between Insurrection And Nemesis

22 February 2002

Actor Directer explains why he is happy with break between movies

McFadden Says Trek X Is More Balanced

22 February 2002

Actress explains how she feels the longer wait will showcase more of the cast.

Anthony Mongtomery Loves To Fool Around.

21 February 2002

Actor explains about how he likes a joke with his fellow cast members.

James Doohan Is Recovering

21 February 2002

Doohans Agent makes a statement pertaining to the actors health.

Lisabeth Shatner Talks About What Will Be Her Ongoing Involvement On The William Shatner Web Site

20 February 2002

Lisabeth Shatner talks to Sci Fi Pulse and gives us the inside scoop on Williamshatner.com which launches later today.

James (Scotty) Doohan Hospitalised

18 February 2002

Doohan Hospitalised little is known

Star Trek's Villian's Invade The Page's Of TV Zone

18 February 2002

British Sci Fi Cult Magazine TV Zone list's it's Villainous top 10

Nichelle Nichols Talks To SciFiPulse About Charting Literary Frontiers And More

15 February 2002

In a Scifi pulse exclusive. Original Series Actress talks to Sci Fi Pulse News Editor Ian Cullen About Her new book and her many endeavers in and out of the Star Trek Universe