Behr Talks 'Twilight Zone'
Source TGL
1 August 2002

By Ian M. Cullen

Although he is no longer involved in any Star Trek production work. Former executive producer of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is still very active in the world of Genre entertainment, Ira Behr new job in the Sci Fi Genre is as the executive producer of the new UPN remake of the cult 60's show 'The Twighlight Zone. In a recent interview for Starburst magazine Behr talked a little about his new job.

"I think doing a show like this is like doing any other show," he said. "You think it's easy being on the 2000th cop show that's been done on TV? It's all been done. We all know that.

"I did [DS9]. They had done close to 300 episodes already, and yet we found a niche that was unique to ourselves. And I think whenever you have creative people who get along, you stick them in a room, you don't let them out of that room!"

The complete interview can be found in the new copy of Starburst magazine. However you can find a little more coverage of this interview here at the TGL website.