Aprils Star Trek News

Patrick Stewart To Portray King Henry II In Television Remake

30 April 2002

Stewart to star in and executive produce a new remake of 'The Lion in Winter'

Sevtrek Movie Now Available To Order Online

30 April 2002

Much awaited Sev Trek Movie now available to buy


28 April 2002

Pat Morries takes a more nostalgic look at last Wednsdays episode of 'Enterprise.

Connor Trinneer Envisions Dream Episode

26 April 2002

Conner Trinneer fantasizes about being the only cast member in the crew to wear clothes

Guilty …but by what Cause?

26 April 2002

Our resident reviewer Eric Koenig gives 'Detained' the once over

Horan Speculates About Future Guy

26 April 2002

The actor behind Future guy speculates his future in the Enterprise show.

McFadden And Mulgrew Talk Nemesis

23 April 2002

Nemesis cast talk about the new movie

Russ Looks Back On Tuvok

23 April 2002

Tim Russ looks back to his Voyager days

Deep Space Nine's Future Lies In Novels Says Ira Behr

21 April 2002

Behr explain why he feels there is no future for ds9 in movie form.

Keating Not Scared Of Being Typecast

19 April 2002

Actor confident that he will not suffer the cure of being typecast.


17 April 2002

Sci fi Pulse's regular writer Pat Morris expresses her enthusiasm for the fourthcoming 'Enterprise' episode 'Detained' in her regular Fan Speak Colum.

Stockwell Leaps Into Action

17 April 2002

Dean Stockwell tells Zap2it about his appearance on Enterprise

Brannon Braga Talks On Continuity

17 April 2002

Braga addresses the fans

Russal Watson Lauches New Single

17 April 2002

Watson takes time out of his tour to promote his new single

Michael Dorn Talks Klingon Grudges And Wedding Vows

15 April 2002

Dorn talks about his discussions with Nemesis Directer and writer about Worfs past.

Billingsley On Phlox And Romance

14 April 2002

Billingsley not counting out more romance for Phlox

Dean Stockwell On Detained

14 April 2002

Stockwell Talks briefly about Detained

Blailock Loves Being A Geek Goddess

13 April 2002

Actress recalls her geekhood status before Enterprise

Stewart Impressed By Nemesis Aliens

12 April 2002

Patrick Stewert talks remans

William Shatner Talks About His Friendship With Leonard Nimoy

11 April 2002

Shatner talks about his life long friendship with his Co Star

Enterprise Wraps For The End Of The First Season

11 April 2002

Enterprise crew beam back down to Earth for a 10 week break

Tv Guide Honors Star Treks 35th Anniversary

10 April 2002

Better late than never, TV Guide pays belated homage to Treks 35th year

Marina Sirtis Talks About Her Early Years On Star Trek: The Next Generation

8 April 2002

Sirtis talks about her first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Berman Says Nemesis Is To Be Star Treks Scariest Movie

8 April 2002

Rick Berman to Star Trek: Monthly about new trek movie

John Fleck On The Ambiguity Of His Suliban Alta Ego Silik

8 April 2002

Actor John Fleck ask's the question, is Silik good or bad?

'Oasis' Review

8 April 2002

Our Regular Enterprise Reviewer Eric Koenig Takes On Last Weeks Episode 'Oasis'


5 April 2002

Sci Fi Pulse's newest writer Pat Morris give her impressions of the AOL Star Trek Communitys reaction to the episode Acquisition and Enterprise in general.

Picardo Talks Holograms

5 April 2002

Robert Picardo talks about 'The Holograms Hand Book'

Moore Signs Onto BSG

3 April 2002

Ron Moore to write script for new Battlesater Galactia Mini Series

Rene Auberjonois Talks To Trektoday

3 April 2002

Actor talks to Trektodays Michelle Erica Green

Trek Alumni Pay Tribute To :The Great Bird Of The Galaxy

3 April 2002

Former Trek actors talk about Gene Roddenberry

Doug Drexler On Illustrating 'Enterprise'

2 April 2002

Illustrator talks about Enterprise and Nemesis

The Man Behind Sev Trek Talks About The Challenges Of Making Puss N Boots

1 April 2002

Ian Cullen Of Sci Fi Pulse talks to Sev Trek Creator John Cook

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